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University Of Exeter improves sustainability with online board portal, BoardPacks


The University of Exeter is recognised as among the top one percent of universities in the world, by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings lists. It employs 3,905 members of staff and has more than 21,000 students from over 130 countries.

The University’s Business School was founded in 1998 and is already regarded as one of the world’s most prestigious, achieving a ranking of 87 in the Financial Times’ European Business School Rankings 2016. The Business School was seeking improved sustainability practice and greater flexibility for the many board-level meetings that took place.

“Our senior team attend a lot of meetings, so one of the key benefits for us was the ability to move away from hard copy paperwork to an online platform.”

– Ian Broadfoot, Executive Officer, University of Exeter Business School


It was whilst conducting their own procurement exercise that the Business School came across BoardPacks via Jisc, the not-for-profit organisation that offers digital services and solutions to the UK higher education sector.

Having reviewed a number of the online board portal options available, the Business School decided that BoardPacks was the best option, as Ian Broadfoot explains:

“We were delighted to find that BoardPacks was available on Jisc – this provided a much simpler procurement route, which is hugely important when making an IT purchase in the Education sector.”

“More importantly though was that BoardPacks met so many of the requirements we were looking for, allowing us to be more eco-friendly whilst also providing a greater level of flexibility for our senior team.”

Roll-out was straight-forward and speedy – an initial test site followed closely by the full site, with key people (likely heavy users of BoardPacks) given first access.

“BoardPacks is a highly intuitive platform, so it was easy to get to grips with,” continued Ian Broadfoot. “We were really impressed with the support offered by eShare, they were keen to ensure all users were comfortable with the new technology and were happy to offer training where needed.”


The Business School have around 50 users of BoardPacks, and it is deployed across dozens of meetings every year, not only saving vast sums on printing (which supports the university’s sustainability drive) but also providing a greater level of flexibility for the senior team.

“We introduced BoardPacks in October and our senior team are really happy with it,” said Ian Broadfoot. “Not only does BoardPacks offer a great, sustainable alternative to hard-copy board papers, but it’s also provided our busy senior team with the flexibility to review and update papers on the move, making their lives a bit easier as well.”

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