Thirteen Group

Thirteen Group

Thirteen Group is currently using BoardPacks to manage their paper wastage and saving staff time and excessive costs for printing meeting materials.


Thirteen group are a caring landlord and housing developer, providing homes for rent and sale. They have 1,500 colleagues providing services for more than 70,000 customers across Teesside and other areas of the North East, including North Yorkshire, County Durham and Tyne and Wear.


With the board of trustees meeting every 2 months, Thirteen were becoming increasingly frustrated with the excessive amount of paper wasted after a meeting, not to mention the security issues surrounding disposal of sensitive papers. The wasting of staff resources, in both time having to create and distribute the meeting packs, but also wasted wages was beginning to become prohibitive. The Executive team at Thirteen said:

“One of the issues we were experiencing was that we needed a more efficient system for distributing board papers and other documents for directors. We saw the opportunities for virtual meetings and have online discussions. We also had a few concerns around security and confidentiality when it came to our meeting papers.”

The solution

The board at Thirteen recognised that a digital platform to manage its board packs and meeting processes would be a strong option for them to pursue. The Executive team continues:

“We knew that there was a delay when it came to distributing board papers and the time and money that was taken when it came to large volumes of printing, we decided we needed a solution. With BoardPacks we now have improved access for the board and can reference documents quickly, all of the information is in one place and there is no longer a need for a circulation of emails with large attachments”

Thirteen implemented BoardPacks in July 2017 and were pleasantly surprised with the level of security that was provided. The implementation was a smooth process with the help of the eShare’s support team:

“BoardPacks has helped us improve the administration process for our board and committee meetings. With introductory training and online assistance when needed, the implementation process went smoothly.”

The results

BoardPacks has had a phenomenal impact on both the board members and the administrative staff. It has eliminated the stress of assembling the meeting packs and freed up their time so we are more cost effective. In addition to this, BoardPacks can easily accommodate the addition of last minute papers. It has freed up their time and is a far more efficient way of working. The Knowledge module is making things much easier for the board members, who no longer need to sort through reams of paper files to find the information they need.

“We find the knowledge area useful as a library to store documents such as background papers for meetings as well as other reference documents. The need to print out agendas and reports has reduced considerably and this has led to a saving in printing costs as well as a reduction in staff time spent printing and collating.”

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