Ridgeons are using BoardPacks to improve information sharing and meeting management.


Ridgeons is one of the largest independently owned timber and builders’ merchants in the UK, Employing around 900 colleagues and operating from 43 locations in the East of England. Their teams take enormous pride in helping customers identify and fulfil their building needs and are passionate in their knowledge and understanding of the products and services they supply.

8 Board members
5 Executive Board members


Ridgeons were steadily becoming overwhelmed administrating their board papers. With the board meeting six times a year and the executive board meeting monthly, keeping on top of this proved an arduous task.. This in turn means a lot of resource used to prepare for them and high costs for printing. Fiona Viney, executive personal Assistant said:

“We were wasting a lot of time preparing bulky paper packs, using a lot of paper and the time it took to collate was detracting people away from other important tasks.”

The solution

Rigeons conducted a thorough search of the market to see which options were available and which would best suit the company’s specific requirements, and decided that BoardPacks was the one that best suited their needs. Fiona continues:

“Our CEO looked at other similar options, but BoardPacks seemed easier to use and less complicated. Our BoardPacks implementation went smoothly and we appreciated the training we received from eShare’s Customer Support team.”

BoardPacks, eShare’s online board portal, was implemented in May 2017 and it has proved hugely popular with both board members and the executive board members.

The results

After using BoardPacks for just over a year, the feedback we have received from BCHA has been very positive.

“BoardPacks has massively improved our meeting management and information sharing within those meetings. It is so easy to upload papers which gives the board instant access from anywhere on their different devices. We can add or take papers out, securely store minutes of meetings and it’s overall just a big time saver. We also like that you can create a PDF pack and email it should you wish to.”

It had previously taken too much time to prepare for each meeting, collating papers, printing and distributing materials, which was a drain on resources.
The BoardPacks application allows users to access all meeting information, documents and agendas securely. Documents and board packs become interactive, allowing board members to make notes whilst on the move. This flexibility has allowed the Ridgeons directors to have an efficient way of working also enabling meeting administrators to improve their productivity by managing meetings online. Fiona concludes:

“The use of BoardPacks has improved board level information sharing and collaboration at Ridgeons. BoardPacks has enabled more efficient meetings and members are better prepared, accessing information from anywhere at anytime.”

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