Newport City Homes

Newport City Homes

Newport City Homes is using BoardPacks to support the governance team and remove laborious manual processes and human error.


Newport City Homes is the largest social housing provider in the city of Newport and is committed to providing homes in communities where people want to live. To support the growth of the city and meet the needs of residents now and in the future, NCH is: developing affordable homes; putting resident engagement at the heart of regeneration programmes; and working in partnership to make the biggest impact.

Headquarters: Nexus House, Mission Court, Newport
Board members: 10
Executive members: 3
Board and committee meetings: 12


Newport City Homes started exploring options for board portal technology in early 2017. Prior to this, they were distributing their board papers as hard copy packs, which was labour intensive and prone to issues. They wanted to save time and streamline processes for the governance team. They originally heard about BoardPacks through another housing association, and after a bit of research decided they wanted to go ahead and implement the software.


The housing association decided that implementing BoardPacks would be the best solution to move board papers to digital and improve the manual process that was currently in place. Joanna Fairley, governance and compliance manager at Newport City Homes reflected,

‘We implemented Boardpacks in April 2017 to first support the governance team in removing laborious manual processes which were time consuming and, at times, liable to human error. Adopting Boardpacks for this process alone has saved a considerable amount of time and resources, allowing the team to focus on other priorities’


Joanna said that BoardPacks has ‘shaved hours off the original manual process’ adding that it’s a new way of working for them. Saving time, money and paper from the original process. Implementing BoardPacks was a huge success for them. Joanna Fairley praised the on boarding process,

‘During the transitional time, the support received by eShare was very valuable and allowed us to personalise training to the needs of our board and the business.’


Newport City Homes wanted a quicker and more accurate process for their Governance team; they now have this along with a digital solution that their board is happy using. Joanna summed up

‘We launched the BoardPacks tablet app to our leadership team and board recently and, although early days, we have received very positive feedback from those using the system.’

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