Luton and Dunstable Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Luton and dunstable NHS Foundation trust governance

Luton and Dunstable Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (L&D) is a highly rated acute hospital in Bedfordshire.


Rated the best hospital in the East of England (CGC 2009) and the first hospital in England selected by the Health Foundation for their work on improving patient safety, the L&D continues to be ahead of the curve when it comes to re-designing and improving their services. Like many hospitals, L&D needed a solution to increase operational efficiency. Beyond this, they wanted to improve governance practices and help transition to a paperless solution before Tim Kelsey’s paperless NHS deadline of 2015. Using BoardPacks, they extended efficiency increases to the boardroom by managing documents and meetings on tablets. They also adopted modules to manage broader governance activities, including decisions, and procedures, on one central platform.


The solution took two months to get up and running, including deploying the software, populating the system, getting users trained, and hosting their first board meeting. The board members access their meeting papers and documents on their iPads, and they can collaborate on documentation, procedures and decision-making both in and out of meetings.

“Implementation was so easy. The support team made deployment much simpler than we could have imagined.”


The board members found BoardPacks so useful they realised the benefits could be used much wider within their organisation, so the Trust have rolled BoardPacks out to the executive and general managers in various departments.

“Not only are we saving £175,000 per annum but we are greatly more efficient in meetings and at risk management.”

Four years later

“If a meeting is not on BoardPacks, it’s not happening.”

We recently collaborated with L&D for an NHS event in which their corporate secretary, Victoria Parsons, co-presented with us to demonstrate how much BoardPacks has helped the trust. The savings that were calculated at the beginning are still very much in place and it was great to see how well the BoardPacks software was now integrated into the organisation. eShare works closely with L&D and its other clients to develop new features to address the changing needs of their organisations. In the case of L&D this helps to make sure the system is optimised for the current NHS situation.

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