LHA London

LHA London

LHA London is currently using BoardPacks to securely store and access meeting papers while saving money on excessive printing costs.


LHA London is a registered charity offering affordable and flexible accommodation options for young professionals and students across 13 locations. With most of their friendly staff living onsite, their large hostels provide a safe and secure environment for nearly 2,000 people. Running for 78 years, the charity prides itself on providing a platform for its residents to live their London life their way.

12 Board members

2 Executive members


LHA London were increasingly becoming overwhelmed with the administration required for their board meetings. They realised that using paper was not efficient as their meeting packs required a lot of information for the board members, who met approximately 26 times a year across the board and varying sub-committees. Collating all the materials in time for board meetings combined with repetitive printing, preparing board packs was proving to be a tough and costly task for the charity. Emma Nolan, Office Manager and PA to CEO, said:

“Printing, collating and posting such large packs out to the Board, meant we couldn’t update the Board on last minute changes. As the sole person doing that job, it would take approximately a week to prepare and print all the paper, which also worked out very costly for our charity.”


LHA London had looked at creating an administrative role to ease some of the workload, however it wasn’t considered cost effective as they would only be needed for board meeting preparations. The charity realised that the sheer amount of information required by their board meant that changing from a paper to digital solution was needed to accommodate everything they required. They conducted a thorough search of the market, and decided BoardPacks was best suited to their needs. Emma continues:

“We were surprised by how easy and efficient it was, and we particularly like the annotation features of the app and the facility to store minutes of previous meetings.”

BoardPacks, eShare’s online board portal, was implemented in February 2018 and has been received well with it proving extremely popular amongst board members and executive board members.

“Our BoardPacks implementation went smoothly and we were grateful for having a member of the BoardPacks’ Client Relations team here with us for our first board meeting using BoardPacks.”


While LHA London have only been using BoardPacks for just over 6 months, the feedback they gave us has been tremendously positive.

“Introducing BoardPacks has been a fantastic step forward for our charity. We can keep our Board and all of our sub-committees up to date with information more efficiently. We also have peace of mind that all of the information is stored securely and our Trustees now have access to all the papers and information they want within a few simple steps.”

The BoardPacks application helps to manage all the operations surrounding your board, including potential conflicts of interest for individual papers. Documents are securely and easily accessible as well as completely interactive, allowing board members to make notes at any time and in any situation. BoardPacks also allows administrators to seamlessly update or make changes, which helps to keep the Board apprised of any updates quickly and efficiently. Such features have proved very useful at LHA London who have found they now have a greater capacity to keep up with board meeting preparations. Emma concludes:

“BoardPacks has saved us a lot of time, time that can be spent on other areas. We can now keep all of our Boards up to date with the Charity simply by a few clicks of the mouse.”

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