Lagan Cement

Lagan Cement

With BoardPacks, Lagan Cement are reducing the burden of carrying large paper packs while providing a tool that enables better meeting management and information sharing for their board directors.


Operating for near on 50 years within the UK and Ireland, the Lagan Group companies are involved in construction, manufacturing, and civil engineering. Lagan Cement, established in 2002, manufactures up to 700,000 tonnes of cement per annum at its Kinnegad site in Co. Westmeath Ireland.


Members of the Lagan Cement board, several of whom serve on multiple other boards within the Lagan group, were becoming increasingly frustrated with the sheer amount of paper they were required to carry to each meeting. With some members attending up to eight other board meetings a day, paper packs were impractical and wasteful.

Lagan were looking for a solution that would free its board members of their paper burden and make finding information easier, whilst improving efficiency and reducing stress on the administration side.


Lagan reviewed multiple board portal solutions but were impressed with the level of functionality BoardPacks offered, not to mention the lower cost when compared to other options investigated.

Jim Fennell, Information Systems Manager at Lagan Cement, commented, “We looked into several other systems, but BoardPacks’ functionality, matched with its lower price made the choice easy.”

Lagan Cement are now using the Meetings and Knowledge modules, in tandem with iPads and the BoardPacks app, to manage their meetings and access information. Directors are no longer weighed down with stacks of paper, but are able to access their meeting packs from the BoardPacks app on tablets wherever they are, anytime they like. The Knowledge module is also making things much easier for the directors, who no longer need to sort through reams of paper files to find the information they need.


Implementing the BoardPacks system at Lagan Cement was a quick and pain free experience.

Jim Fennell explained, “BoardPacks is based on SharePoint, which I’m familiar with, so installing and executing the new system was quite easy. I liaised with eShare’s support team via Webex a couple of times during set up, but overall the entire process simple and straightforward.”

Training the necessary people in the use of BoardPacks has also been easy. Jim Fennell said, “For most new users, the system is so user-friendly and intuitive that they’ve been able to learn the system independently, without any dedicated training from me.”


Lagan Cement are already seeing the benefits of BoardPacks and they’ve quickly noticed just how much paper they’re saving by using the new system. It has also proven to be a major relief for those on the administration side, reducing the stress of assembling the meeting packs and incorporating last minute papers. It has freed up their time and is a far more efficient way of working.

BoardPacks is also highly useful for ensuring that directors have the most up to date information as possible. Jim Fennell commented, “Our accountants are able to update the figures right up to 10 minutes before the meeting, which ensures our directors are accessing the latest figures when they need them. BoardPacks has just made life easier!”


BoardPacks has provided Lagan Cement with a successful way to manage meetings, reduce use of paper, and access information. Directors no longer need to worry about carrying around cumbersome paper meeting packs, and they can rest assured that they’ll always have the latest information available, right at their fingertips.

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