EValue is using BoardPacks to save time and printing when distributing board papers and to demonstrate good governance


EValue Ltd, was founded in 2011. EValue is the UK’s market leader in the provision of digital, personal finance advice products and services. These products combine expert actuarial knowledge, pioneering asset modelling and risk management. Primarily they are used in the UK by banks, product providers, advisers and employers to enable them and their customers/employees to understand and make complex, individual, personal financial decisions.

EValue’s software solutions cover all financial planning needs with versions for use by consumers and advisers. What’s more, because all EValue’s products are built on a single Planning & Advice Engine, all versions of our tools are entirely compatible, enabling both advisers and consumers to work together on financial plans.

Board of Directors – 5 members
Leadership team – 10 members


EValue were looking to modernise their Board papers, but also demonstrate best practice and good governance. With the Leadership team meeting every month, and the Board members meeting around eight times a year with additional committee meetings spread over the year, this entails a great number of meetings which require an audit trail. This entails the costs of printing plus the time and effort spent coordinating and disposing of large paper trails. Stephen Campbell, Finance Director at EValue said:

“One of the key issues was the administrative burden of distributing the Board papers in good time especially to non-executives who only come to the Head Office for board meetings. With BoardPacks you can upload and update information with minimal fuss, whereas previously any changes had to be reprinted and redistributed which often lead to Board Papers being distributed the evening before Board meetings. Another issue was access to a fully documented audit trail – Board members are now able to view previous minutes and actions at the touch of a button. The search facility on BoardPacks provides self-service functionality that is instantaneous.”

The solution

Paul McNamara, the new EValue CEO was looking to improve governance after joining EValue in May 2017, and tasked Stephen Campbell with investigating and presenting options for the Board to adopt. EValue looked at the online Board portal options available to them, and eventually decided that BoardPacks was the one that best suited their needs.

After Stephen Campbell selected three options to assess, a small group of Board and Leadership team members looked at products on the market and felt:

“BoardPacks to be the best in terms of intuitive design, as well as being reasonably priced. The technical support and training was also a positive factor.”

EValue implemented BoardPacks in February 2018 and it has proved popular with both Board and Leadership team members.

The results

After using BoardPacks for the last four months, the feedback we have received from members of the Board and the Leadership team has been incredibly positive with the proof of the pudding being in the eating. BoardPacks has become thoroughly embedded into all senior meetings, with paper meetings now a thing of the past leading to modernisation and company-wide adoption of best practice.

It had previously taken too much time to prepare for each meeting, collating papers, printing and distributing materials, which was a drain on the time of the executive team.

“Implementing BoardPacks has resulted in improved efficiency for the EValue Board; reduced costs in printing and staff time spent on emails, locating and scanning documents, and printing large board packs. The EValue Board has found it particularly useful to be able to view information stored within BoardPacks via an iPad, with ease of navigation and secure encrypted access being other positives.”

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