Endemol Shine Group

Endemol Shine Group

Global media creators, Endemol Shine Group, have chosen the BoardPacks Office 365 app to help them achieve their digital and paperless aims.

The business

The Endemol Shine Group, consist of the media Endemol, Shine and CORE Media. Their extensive international portfolio includes TV shows such as Broadchurch, Deal or No Deal, Masterchef, Big Brother, One Born Every Minute and Wipeout.


A worrying number of board members still print meeting papers, or receive PDFs by email. There’s often little thought given to version control or the process of auditing meeting documentation before it becomes a time consuming task. Meetings often involve making weighty decisions and within many industries it’s essential that these decisions are taken in confidence and that a record of the process taken is maintained to evidence compliance with regulation or as part of best practice.

Endemol Shine Group recognised the need to locate all minutes, documents, decisions and meeting tasks in one central location, without relying on paper. They wanted this information to be accessible via tablets so that their management teams can prepare for meetings either in the office or on the go.


The group use Microsoft’s Office 365 as their choice of productivity software. The BoardPacks 365 add-on for Office 365 provides a method for the business leaders to view the information and features that are useful to them, structured based on how they work. For example, meeting documents and links are arranged within an interactive agenda. It also makes this information available on or offline from a tablet.

The BoardPacks software was implemented within Endemol Shine Group’s Office 365 environment by ETTU, SharePoint specialists based in the Netherlands.

“Endemol Shine Group now have a powerful solution within SharePoint Online and Office 365 to meet their digital requirement to become paperless,” explained Piet Vink, Director of ETTU. “The combination of SharePoint Online and BoardPacks ensures that it does not matter where individuals work, all the information is centralised and stored safely. More and more organisations want to work completely digitally, making meeting management software an essential consideration for businesses.”


Despite the clear benefits of using the appropriate technology, the mere potential of what’s now available can be overwhelming. Not only is there the choice between providers, but also where data should be stored and how it should be accessed. They’re often under immense time pressure so learning how to use new software or devices from scratch can be difficult to schedule in. People have different levels of skill and are comfortable with different devices and operating systems.

BoardPacks is available across all the major platforms and browsers, so users can pick the device they’re most comfortable with. Some directors might use Windows tablets and others Androids or Apple, yet they can collaborate with shared document annotations that synchronise seamlessly across their devices.

Jolanda Verwoert, Functional Application Manager of Endemol Shine Group, said, “BoardPacks enables us to fully meet our digital and paperless aims. By making use of the easy iPad app features the management teams always have the latest information and can prepare for meetings offline. Thanks to BoardPacks we now meet and collaborate more efficiently.”

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