Age UK Isle of Wight

Age UK Isle of Wight

Age UKIW is using the BoardPacks to improve governance and to save time and money on board materials


Age UKIW wanted to discover a meeting management tool to improve governance and transparency amongst its trustees and board members, and to save resource and money on excessive costs when printing materials for board meetings.

The solution

BoardPacks is designed to make it easier for board members and trustees to demonstrate accountability, compliance and transparency. Also available as an app for tablets or smartphones, it is a smarter way to access meeting papers, documents, risk registers and decisions, and ensure users remain on top of governance and compliance. Jo Dare, CEO, Age UKIW, said:

“It had become clear that we needed a smarter approach for the preparation and distribution of board papers to our trustees. Not only was the printing a costly administrative burden, but we felt that our Trustees needed the right information delivered to them in a timely manner that enabled them to better undertake their responsibilities in accordance with UK charity and corporate governance.”

The benefits

Since using BoardPacks, Age UKIW has noticed significant cost savings on copying, postage, ink and staff time, as well as improved governance, with trustees able to make quick reference to previous meetings and other company documents digitally both before, during and after meetings. Jo Dare contuined:

“Our Trustees are older people so has also helped to support digital confidence at a time when it is increasingly important to be IT literate. At meetings trustees had to leaf through a mountain of papers and could easily lose their place in the agenda. This has been addressed and our trustees are also now using the BoardPacks iPad app, making their lives easier.”


After deploying BoardPacks Age UKIW has improved transparency between board members and trustees. With the use of the BoardPacks trustees have dramatically cut costs, copying and staff time when it comes to printing and distributing papers. Each member can now view all documents relevant to their board quickly and efficiently.

Third sector governance is increasingly under the spotlight at the minute, with issues of board accountability to the fore. By deploying BoardPacks, Age UKIW has shown that its board members and trustees can be completely transparent in their management, as well as saving time and money on the overall meeting process.

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