Easily control who sees what

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Permissions can be managed for each individual or group.

BoardPacks permissions

Controllers have full access, and can easily control which meetings, risks, decisions and knowledge areas their users can access and/or edit.

Administrators can be set up as meeting controllers to give them access to create meetings, agendas, upload documents and send the meeting papers out to attendees with a single click.

For consistent and faster meeting creation, a group of members can be created for each committee and the agenda and/or attendees can be copied from a previous meeting.

Once meetings have been created, and completed, you need some simple features to help progress matters before the next meeting.

BoardPacks audit

Minutes can be created from within the agenda, and edited, branded and approved before they are distributed to the meeting attendees. Board training, voting and surveys can also be administered from within BoardPacks.

Not only are the meeting agendas, minutes and documentation easily auditable but the administrator can also generate reports on director attendance and activity.