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Make a difference to your board effectiveness and take a proactive approach to better governance. BoardPacks moves your board activities online to give you more time to make a difference – whatever your role.

Intuitive board meeting software

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A tailor-made solution that’s right for your board

We know each boardroom is different which is why we created a modular structure for BoardPacks, so you can build the package that suits your organisation.


The tools to free your boardroom from the constraints of paper.

The meetings module is essential to the efficient running of board meetings. Beyond reducing paper, it also helps boards make better decisions, more honestly by giving them the information they need quickly.

Key features:

  • Interactive agenda
  • Presenter mode
  • Annotate documents from your tablet
  • Actions
  • Surveys

Available on : desktop | apple | windows | android

More effective meetings


Easily maintain an audit trail of your board’s decisions.

Making decisions with BoardPacks not only helps your board make smarter choices, in and out of the boardroom, but also helps build a transparent audit trial of its key decisions.

Key features:

  • Remote voting
  • Track and record vote results
  • Link decisions to agenda

Available on : desktop | apple | windows | android

Make better decisions


Monitor risk effectively by integrating it into the board agenda.

BoardPacks helps bring risk management onto the agenda. This module makes it easier to review risk at board level and avoid any nasty surprises without the need for complicated spreadsheets.

Key features:

  • Risk heatmap view
  • Assign owners to risks
  • Upload existing risks from excel

Available on : desktop | apple | windows | android

Monitor your risks


An easier way to store and index all of your board’s important documents.

Store your documents securely in the permissions trimmed central knowledge library so your information is kept in a way that makes it easy for authorised users to find the documents they are looking for.

Key features:

  • Projects area
  • Board resources
  • Business planner

Available on : desktop | apple | windows | android

Securely store your documents


Manage users and create meetings in less time with less paper.

Rather than wasting your time by the copier, administrators will find that meetings and governance activities are easier when they are digital. However, BoardPacks has not neglected the administrators view, it is simple to use and feature-rich helping you control who sees what.

Key features:

  • Set up and edit user accounts and organise them into groups
  • Manage access for user groups to selected areas of your site
  • Set permissions levels to none, read only (able to view), contribute (able to add and edit) and controller (also able to delete)

Available on : desktop

Easy administration tools

Save money with an online solution

There are many reasons to digitise your board information – better security, governance, convenience – but if it also saves money then surely it’s a no-brainer.

For most organisations, BoardPacks would provide net savings just on the meeting preparation and follow up alone. Have you worked out how much money you spend on the production, assembly and delivery of your board packs? One large corporation has claimed to have saved almost £1.2 million per annum on this. For smaller organisations the cost might not be so high but proportionately it may be even more significant.

See how much BoardPacks could save you

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If you want to try the BoardPacks tablet app out on Android, iPad or Windows tablets, you can use the demo version for free. Alternatively, if you already have a license you can connect to your existing licence from the app.

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