Board Collaboration: Reducing Risk and Boosting Cyber Security

Reducing Risk and Boosting Cyber Security

Everybody knows that working together is the key to success, but did you know that it’s also the best way to keep confidential information secure? Increasing board collaboration greatly reduces risk and increases security in an organisation, and BoardPacks software significantly helps to ensure better communication and teamwork.

Communication is key

Though corporate governance is improving thanks to the shift towards digital management platforms, there is still plenty of room for improvement and many companies are still guilty of poor communication with other board members. This is the number one cause of project failure, as board members that aren’t in the loop can get things wrong, or accidentally cause a security breach, due to a lack of information.

BoardPacks’ platform allows board members to collaborate with ease, and ensures everyone is up to speed at all times. The software keeps track of which users were at which meeting, and will send them comprehensive notes to catch up on.

In addition, BoardPacks will ensure that every board member knows exactly what their role is by sending them scheduled tasks to undertake, ready for the next meeting. This way, everyone is in the know, and risk is greatly reduced.

Everyone is on the same page

Running a board meeting is a complicated affair, and a lot of the time there will be updates, changes and cancellations to a vast amount of motions. The entire board must then be notified of these alterations, so that everyone is operating in unison.

With BoardPacks, any of these changes are sent out to predetermined recipients automatically, so that everyone has the latest version of particular documents, and there is no chance of anyone getting the wrong end of the stick. Not only does this greatly improve productivity, but it also enhances security, as board members no longer have various different paper copies or DropBox files with sensitive data waiting to be found or hacked.

Security comes first

When a company uses paper to document important board member information, there is a much higher chance that it could go missing, whether that’s from being stolen or just a careless mistake – these things do happen. But in addition to this, there can be security breaches when your board members simply aren’t collaborating.

If a board member isn’t aware of certain privacy features of a paper document, there’s nothing stopping them from showing it to someone else, through forgetfulness or simply because they weren’t aware of the document’s sensitivity.

BoardPacks eliminates this worry by setting up every user with their own login details and password, which is centrally controlled by an administrator within your organisation. This way you can see who has logged into what, and stop particular documents from getting into the wrong hands. If, for some reason, a document does get into the wrong hands, you can shut down access immediately from a remote location, or even destroy the document if necessary, saving a great deal of security concerns from ever happening in the first place.

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