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eShare shares about good governance and technologies in boardroom to educate it’s importance to Directors, Company Secretaries and other board members.

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Aug, 18

Are the benefits of digital technology being hindered by your company culture?

Are the benefits of digital technology being hindered by your company culture?

Digital Transformation for many years has been a buzz phrase for companies looking to appear as if they are keeping up with emerging technologies, while many of these same companies have not even begun to scratch the surface of its possibilities. However, as more innovative technologies are released and the boundaries of what’s possible are… Read more »


Aug, 18

eShare shortlisted for prestigious SaaS award

2018 SaaS awards

We work very hard at eShare to deliver and maintain products of the highest quality, listening to customer feedback and incorporating those needs and requests into each iteration of a product. So it makes it all the more rewarding when our products are recognised by others as being innovative and impactful at a global level…. Read more »


Jul, 18

Fostering innovation creates better decision-making at African Corporate Governance Conference

African Corporate Governance Conference

Board members find themselves tasked with looking after the health and direction of an organisation and this comes with a multitude of complex tasks, including directing the culture within the organisation. So with a dramatic rise in technology uptake over the years, it is time for them to get on board and start using technology… Read more »


Jul, 18

Reducing conflict and ensuring better board decision-making at ICSA

Reducing conflict and ensuring better board decision-making at ICSA.

Risk management after the 2007 global financial crisis became much more of a focus, as the days of companies overstretching themselves and their resources could continue no longer. Pre or post crisis, the management of risk has always been a task the board must take seriously and do well. A good board needs to be… Read more »


Jul, 18

Are your board minutes missing the point?

The business world we live revolves around meetings. It is critical for employees to get together to address a variety of topics and discuss important issues for a business to thrive and grow. Be it board members, management teams or executive team members we are all expected to attend multiple meetings within our working life,… Read more »