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Access your information anywhere with BoardPacks

Directors lead busy lives, and the time constraints they are feeling is having an impact on the way that organisations are being run in the public sector.

As financial constraints hit the public sector more and more each year, the effective and efficient running of these organisations is becoming more difficult. Time is a precious commodity for board members across all divisions in the public sector, so why is so much time being wasted on preparing for and attending inefficient meetings? It’s time to stop wasting your time and money on this process and streamline your meeting management processes.

Being able to access the right information, when it’s needed is vital for organisations to run efficiently and effectively. Technology has evolved and shaped every aspect of our lives, yet the adoption of technologies with the potential to make a real difference in our working lives is still painfully slow. Turn over a new leaf today with BoardPacks.

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A complete governance board portal

BoardPacks is a board portal that not only helps our customers have more effective meetings but also helps them make better decisions and stay on top of risk management, and compliance.

  • Manage board meetings, risk, decisions and documents in one place
  • Intuitive design, accessible on a PC or any tablet app or smart phone
  • Demonstrate better accountability, transparency and collaboration

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