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We are committed

We are committed to growing globally through a network of successful partners and resellers. There is a huge opportunity for eShare partners to generate consulting revenue around implementation and ongoing support, as well as the revenue from the licence itself.

Extraordinary growth

Many organisations are already rapidly moving to a paperless environment, some are committing to a full digital transformation. Becoming data driven is a key target across a wide range of sectors. As eShare started in a highly regulated industry creating meeting software for boards, it has the skills and experience to provide software to help organisations do what they do better from the board down to each department. We believe that better meetings can be the forum for improving your business. ‘Better’ for us means providing the software and features that serve up the information you need when and where you need it, whether than is data from your entities by jurisdiction, or supporting documentation for a decision, or minutes from your last meeting. Better meetings mean more collaborative, engaged, productive staff and at a higher level a more informed, connected board and leadership team.

Become a partner

Choosing the solution suitable for both you and your clients

We have solutions for most IT environments. Whether you are more comfortable with a hosted (Cloud or SaaS), on-premise or Office 365 solution, we have options for all these, plus apps for iOS, Windows and Android tablets.

We have many happy customers around the world, including big brand names, smaller independent companies and public sector organisations. Our reputation for excellent customer service and well-designed software precedes us. As directors often sit on multiple boards and network with other directors, their experience of our software travels by word of mouth. However, it’s not only in the boardroom that eShare can help, committees and departments throughout the organisation will find meeting management aids productivity and for larger organisations integrating entity management with meeting management can boost their governance to another level.

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