Simon Dickinson

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Jun, 18

Embracing transparency is the key to success in 2018

The funds industry is one in which a week can feel like a minute, such is the fast paced and ever changing nature of industry trends and, especially in recent years, regulatory change. Since the financial crash of 2008, the world has opened its eyes to the concept of transparency and governance. There is now… Read more »


May, 18

Embracing innovation at this year’s Thomson Reuters Unlisted conference

The role of the company secretary is one that we have discussed at great length before in previous blogs and whitepapers, however, such is the ever-changing nature of the position that we never run out of things to discuss, which is something we’re looking forward to doing at this year’s Thomson Reuters Forum for Unlisted… Read more »


May, 18

Racing towards crunch time for public service pension schemes

A stable and secure retirement is the base aspiration for anyone of working age in the UK, especially so for those working in the public sector, who may not be earning as much as they could potentially in the private sector, however the latest report published by the Pensions Regulator paints a very different picture…. Read more »


May, 18

Digital Transformation: do the benefits outweigh the headaches for public sector organisations?

Public services within the UK are facing constant increases in demand combined with further cuts meaning they need to be more efficient with the resources they have. The advancement of technology has improved processes in much of the private sector, however for public sector organisations adoption has been tough. Outdated IT systems, budgetary issues and… Read more »


Apr, 18

Understanding the potential of digital transformation in the public sector

Digital Transformation in the Public Sector Conference 2018

The numerous pressures facing public sector organisations are leaving many scratching their heads to know how they can continue their day-to-day work around these constantly changing demands. For example, by 2020 local councils will have seen central funding fall by a staggering 77%. Further cuts to an already stretched service from the government are being… Read more »