Simon Dickinson

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Apr, 16

eShare presents MeetingSquared, our new meeting management tool, at Microsoft’s Build 2016

Alister Esam presents MeetingSquared

Last week saw a very important day in eShare’s history, as we unveiled our brand new meeting management tool, MeetingSquared, at Microsoft’s Build 2016 event. MeetingSquared is a new app for anyone who organises or attends meetings, and aims to bring an end to the inefficient preparation, scheduling and management of meetings and provide an… Read more »


Mar, 16

Is the risk to your corporate reputation in the digital world worth discussing at board level?

Corporate issue in boardroom

The public are more engaged than ever on social media and are constantly updated on every action taken by any corporate. Good reputations take a long time to earn and can be lost after a single tweet. Corporate reputation can’t be measured in profits or share values, so it can go undiscussed in the boardroom…. Read more »


Mar, 16

What is a board portal?

Light bulb

Thomas Edison was famous for his life changing inventions and was quoted for saying “there is always a better way”. His revolutionary ideas where more along the lines of the important invention of the light bulb, but we like to think that Edison would have backed the adoption of new technology like a board portal… Read more »


Mar, 16

Why the boardroom should be taking advantage of paperless meetings

Shredded paper

Boardroom meetings and paperwork have always gone hand in hand. Each meeting needs a large bundle of paperwork, traditionally known as a board pack. These board packs involve someone managing and collating a pile of important documents which are notoriously a lot of hassle for everyone involved – from the admin that prepares them to… Read more »


Feb, 16

Is boardroom diversity improving an organisation’s governance performance?

Diverse boardroom meeting

We are beginning to see increasing focus in the media regarding the presence of women in corporate boards due to the recent studies that have shown the positive impact it is having on a board’s effectiveness. As it is now one of the most passionately debated issues in corporate governance, we wanted to step away… Read more »