Simon Dickinson

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Jul, 16

How Germany’s liberal approach to corporate governance works

The Benefits of a More Liberal Approach to Corporate Governance

As the UK’s relationship with Europe changes post-Brexit, it is useful to look at some of the corporate practices which exist on the other side of the Channel to understand how their governance and corporate government works. In this article we look at Germany. The German Corporate Governance Code (Deutscher Corporate Governance Kodex or DCGK)… Read more »


Jun, 16

Three steps to heightened boardroom security

Boardroom Security Blog

Data security is a major priority for many organizations in the US, and most executives are aware of the possible threat brought about by data breaches. Barely a week goes by without one breach or another reported in the press and there is a multi-billion dollar industry emerging that looks to keep organizations’ data safe,… Read more »


Jun, 16

The two things we can actually fix that will improve meetings

Meeting in the rain

Meetings are a vital part of every organisation and our working lives. They are essential for us to collaborate with each other on important issues such as planning and decision making. The issue with meetings is that they are abused more and more with constant ‘catchups’ that waste time and don’t produce results. We all… Read more »


Jun, 16

Key principles to ensure good corporate governance: Part 1

Ducks in a row

Corporate governance has evolved over the years in line with the many challenges posed by government policies and as a result of the corporate scandals seen around world. Unfortunately, it seems that most of the advances in governance guidelines come only after a corporate controversy has exposed another ‘kink in the chain’. We may sound… Read more »


Apr, 16

Two years of your life in meetings – why it’s time to address meeting madness

Building more efficient meetings

I’m sure we’ve all been in meetings where the agenda hasn’t been followed, someone can’t find a document that is needed and our collective thoughts have wondered elsewhere. Meetings are an essential part of business life, but many are inefficient, lack focus and could be much shorter. That’s some of the key findings from research… Read more »