Simon Dickinson

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Oct, 16

Taming corporate lions: a look at subsidiary management in action

Taming corporate lions - entity management 101

Lion taming might not be what people associate with the role of the corporate secretary but, in the circus of corporate governance, it is their ability to juggle the big beasts of regulation, laws and tax across multiple jurisdictions that earns them respect. They must speak CEO and better have all the answers when asked…. Read more »


Sep, 16

Using Dropbox for your board documents? They have probably been hacked.

Security issues of boardroom documents

Most people know that Dropbox is not a secure way to store sensitive documents; it is better suited for storing and sharing all those holiday snaps of you holding a cocktail – not boardroom papers. But for some the lure of a free platform that is relatively simple to use is just too attractive. It… Read more »


Aug, 16

Key principles to ensure good corporate governance: Part 2

Boardroom Governance

In part one of our ‘principles of good governance’ series we discussed the importance of the capability and integrity of the board. At this stage we will be delving into how a board’s leadership can affect good governance whilst remaining accountable and sustainable. The western world leads the way on good governance, but we still… Read more »


Jul, 16

Do you recognise these characters in your fairytale boardroom?

Dwarfs In the boardroom

Everybody loves a good fairytale, especially us. The one we’ve been talking about recently in our office is Snow White and her ensemble of dwarfs, which some say – has a striking resemblance to those characters that you meet in a typical boardroom meeting. You can probably name just about all of the seven dwarfs,… Read more »


Jul, 16

Are companies finally realising that paper-based board meetings are inefficient and costly?

Paperless boardroom

We’ve been busy over the last few months, conducting research with company secretaries at UK-based businesses, asking them how they prepare board packs, how often their boards meet and what tools are used to prepare a board pack. Old fashioned boardrooms remain resistant to change The findings showed that 48% of respondents are still using… Read more »