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Mar, 17

Increased regulation means governance spotlight will turn even fuller on FS

Board portal

Financial Services (FS) has always been an industry that is heavily regulated. However, recent updates from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) mean that for companies within FS – particularly asset managers – the governance spotlight is going to get a lot brighter.  Last year’s introduction of the senior managers and certification regime for banks, building… Read more »


Mar, 17

US non-profit Maryland Skilled Immigrants Taskforce turns to MeetingSquared for smarter meeting management

Maryland Skilled Immigrants Taskforce

In 2016 we conducted research that revealed the astonishing amounts of time employees spend preparing for and attending workplace meetings. The average worker attends 3.7 meetings every week, spending one hour nine minutes preparing for each meeting and one hour 22 minutes attending it. Across a 40 year career, this equates to a total of… Read more »


Mar, 17

The Data is in. Here’s How Much Companies Can Actually Save Using BoardPacks

How much companies can actually save using board portal

If any organisation were to calculate the cost of manually producing paper packs for board meetings, they would be shocked. For organisations that have four or more board or committee meetings a year that require a meeting pack, an online solution is far more efficient. Recent research conducted by eShare has shown the substantial amount… Read more »


Jan, 17

The Little Red Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime

Small company turning grand Didn’t know about the cyber land ‘Be careful of wolves’ the IT expert said ‘We want to see your company spread’ The CEO in red said she would be But then came an email, which looked as plain as can be With only one click she was promised the world Without… Read more »


Jan, 17

Board Collaboration: Reducing Risk and Boosting Cyber Security

Reducing Risk and Boosting Cyber Security

Everybody knows that working together is the key to success, but did you know that it’s also the best way to keep confidential information secure? Increasing board collaboration greatly reduces risk and increases security in an organisation, and BoardPacks software significantly helps to ensure better communication and teamwork. Communication is key Though corporate governance is… Read more »