Sam Grice

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Sep, 18

Digital transformation starts at the top

Digital transformation is a term we are hearing more and more, especially in the public sector, as the government pushes for greater efficiencies for less money, something they believe digital solutions will help with. However, digital transformation can feel like you are treading through murky waters, happy that your heads are above the water, yet… Read more »


Sep, 18

Restricting the damage of rogue directors

Sometimes in our working lives, we come across colleagues at all levels that have abrasive personalities. Sometimes it can be people that don’t appear very passionate about the organisation at all. When it comes to seeking advice or help, we tend to look to our supervisors and managers for direction. In turn, managers will look… Read more »


Aug, 18

Overcoming remote working challenges in the NHS

Collaboration and remote working in the NHS and Healthcare

The transfer of knowledge between the NHS practices and CCGs is vital for the running of a successful healthcare system. CCGs run hospitals and GP surgeries across England and in charge of buying services to fit the need of the populations they serve, they are governed by an elected group of GPs, doctors, surgeons and… Read more »


Jul, 18

Are your board minutes missing the point?

The business world we live revolves around meetings. It is critical for employees to get together to address a variety of topics and discuss important issues for a business to thrive and grow. Be it board members, management teams or executive team members we are all expected to attend multiple meetings within our working life,… Read more »


May, 18

How diligent is your board?

How diligent is your board?

With today’s corporate landscape, it should come as no surprise that the need for good corporate governance is vital. With examples such as the collapse of construction giant Carillion or the Volkswagen diesel dupe scandal, there has never been a better time to shine the spotlight on organisations and demand for more accountability. When looking… Read more »