Daniel Morris

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Jul, 18

Collaboration: the final piece of the digital transformation puzzle at Holyrood Connect

Digital transformation in Scotland continues to be a big talking point amongst its public sector organisations, with many of the organisations questioning whether this is just a fad, or whether it has the longevity it promises. The Scottish Government believe it is the latter causing them to refresh their digital strategy in 2017, leading to… Read more »


Jun, 18

Celebrating the successes of digital transformation at Holyrood Connect ICT

Back in 2011, the Scottish Government set out its digital strategy, a plan that was designed to extend connectivity, promote the digital economy, digitise public services and promote digital participation. The intention was for both the public and private sectors within Scotland to prosper as the government work to deliver inclusive economic growth. This strategy… Read more »


Jun, 18

Risk vs reward – the price of chasing innovation

Risk vs reward – the price of chasing innovation

The funds industry finds itself battling day-to-day with a plethora of complexities, this includes heavier regulations, something that has seen the industry in the headlines on several occasions for less than positive reasons, as for many years the industry did not focus on governance. Its main focus was generally economic or ecological, this over the… Read more »


Jun, 18

Addressing the balancing act for Company Secretaries at Thomson Reuters

The company secretary role is incredibly complex in nature, continuing legislative changes mean the complexity of this role is only going to increase. Why is the role so complex, especially when considered by many to be nothing more than an administrative position. Earlier this week, eShare attended the Thomson Reuters Forum for Unlisted Companies conference… Read more »


May, 18

New BoardPacks features shine at the London user group

Last month, eShare held their annual BoardPacks London user group at The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. These sessions provide BoardPacks users the opportunity to learn about upcoming features as well as put forward their own suggestions for improving the platform. These sessions also provide us with greater insights into how the solution is being… Read more »