At the forefront of the digital transformation

At the forefront of the digital transformation

More and more organisations are making digital transformation a priority, but do they fully understand what this movement is trying to achieve? In short, digital transformation is the process of adopting and integrating technology within your business activities, processes and competencies to fully leverage the opportunities that technology presents us.

Many organizations make the mistake in thinking that digitisation is the same thing. Digitisation is turning paper into data. You need digitisation in order to optimise in a digital transformation context but digitisation does not equal digital transformation. You need to be then able to work with this data, to use it to strategise and then collaborate with other technologies to get the most out of it and to reduce the manual processes that takes up too much time in your day.

The buzz word that embodies digitisation is ‘paperless’. Going paperless is a must from a business, economic and environmental angle. It’s not the process of getting rid of all paper entirely, but rather to get rid of paper-managed data to be able to work efficiently with the data and edit and store in such a way that means you can collaborate, access and cross-reference data better.
A paperless environment is a key objective of the government and the progress towards this goal will be celebrated at the Paperless Awards ceremony in July 2017, recognising the companies that have made exceptional progress towards this goal.

We are delighted to say that one of our clients, Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust, has been nominated for the Management and Culture Project of the Year award, recognising the work that they have done to become a paperless organisation.

Being paperless however wasn’t the complete goal for them, as they wanted to improve governance throughout the organisation and transparency of their board. This is why they chose to partner with eShare rather than another board portal provider.

eShare solutions have always been built with the aim of improving your business, through better governance and improving the productivity of meetings. Being a paperless solution is merely a bi-product of achieving our goals. By digitising your data, you can manage and distribute it easier than before, but digital transformation is about so much more than that. By having your data on a digital platform, you can then collaborate easier with other technologies to work as efficiently as possible.

Technology is advancing at a pace quicker than anyone had predicted, although we are yet to all have flying cars, so the adoption rate of technology in business seem to us to be painfully slow. If technology is revolutionising the rest of our lives, then why not allow it to do so in your organisation? If you have embraced digitisation in your company, then you are on the right path towards digital transformation, if you push yourself the rest of the way you will the see the possibilities that open up for your business.

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