5 benefits of using a board portal as a management tool

5 Benefits of using a board portal as a management tool

The challenges that companies are facing in 2017 are broader and more diverse than ever before. In an ever changing global business and financial climate, staying on top of tasks and assignments in a clear and auditable way is a key component of any manager’s role, no matter what position they hold.

With Google searches for ‘management tools’ having increased by over 30% compared to this time last year, what are the benefits that board portals bring and how can they make your life easier?

Anytime, anywhere decision making

The pace of the business world is changing and the demand for near instantaneous answers and decisions is increasing. Relying on email has long been the way of communicating electronically, however, how can you be sure that the important and time-sensitive email has reached its intended recipient, that they are able to make that decision from where they are, or that they have all of the information that they need? By using a board portal, such as BoardPacks, all the information you need to make the decision is in one, secure but accessible place.

Keep track of agreed actions and outcomes in one place

Countless meetings are held every single day with actions that need to be completed and agreed upon having been discussed, but how do you keep a track of these after the meeting has ended and remember who had agreed to complete them? With solutions such as BoardPacks or MeetingSquared, you can easily outline all the actions that need to be completed, as well as assigning these actions to different meeting attendees with effortless transparency.

Securely store all your information in one place

Internet security has never been a more pressing and high profile concern than now. With email hacking of large companies increasing 40% year-on-year, email is no longer a sufficient option for sending confidential documents or communications. With BoardPacks’ Knowledge module, all the information that your business needs can be stored in one central library that is compliant with ISO 27001, the highest standard possible. And, with our Permissions module, you can put the right information instantly at the fingertips of the right people.

Easy agenda management

Trying to organise meetings without meeting management software can be done, but should it? With inboxes getting flooded with messages and papers coming in from every direction, it’s easy to see why so many business managers opt for some form of meeting software.

How many times have you found yourself searching back through emails for the conversations leading up to a meeting and hunting down documents in file explorer, then finding the conference call numbers and/or other key details in the calendar entry. Instead, using software to structure meeting information, attendees can focus on the most important aspect of a meeting; the content.

Save money!

If any organisation were to calculate the cost of manually producing paper packs for board meetings, they would be shocked. For organisations that have four or more board or committee meetings a year that require a meeting pack, an online solution is far more efficient. Recent research conducted by eShare has shown the substantial amount that businesses can save by switching to an online board portal, which can be read here.

Moving to an online solution not only greatly reduces administration time, heightens security and promotes collaboration, but it is also invariably more cost effective. If you’d like to learn more about how BoardPacks can benefit your company financially, visit our website or feel free to contact us for expert advice.

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